About Us

Mission Statement

Our Lady of Lourdes Parish School is a Catholic learning community where students are prepared, formed, and empowered for the pilgrimage of life.


The faculty, administration and staff of Our Lady of Lourdes School intentionally form a community committed to working with parents, as together we endeavor to provide our children with an education grounded in Catholic Christian values. Together, we are an integral part of our parish’s commitment to education. Together, we provide a holistic learning environment for our students and families, nourishing and nurturing learners as they develop their natural gifts and abilities of body, mind and spirit.

School History

Established in 1959 by our founding pastor, Msgr. Paul Stroup, Our Lady of Lourdes Parish School was one of the first Catholic schools to educate children in the western San Fernando Valley. The Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary prepared, formed, and empowered students in their care for the next forty-two years. They watched the school grow from a single building with eight classrooms to its double-winged sixteen classroom capacity of today, including the addition of a Kindergarten and extended day program.

Through his decades long leadership, then pastor, Msgr. Peter Moran, saw the school through many changes including the hiring of its first lay principal, Mrs. Patty Hager.  She worked tirelessly to ensure that Our Lady of Lourdes was a technology rich learning environment. In 2014, under the pastoral guidance of Fr. David Loftus, Our Lady of Lourdes Parish School welcomed Mr. Kris Brough as the school’s second lay principal. Building upon the firm foundation established by the Sisters and Mrs. Hager the school has realized a 1:1 curricular model and initiated a dynamic Transitional Kindergarten.

Our Mission Themes

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School-wide Learning Expectations

An Our Lady of Lourdes graduate answers God’s call through living faith, pursuing excellence, and practicing stewardship.


  • Living Gospel values
  • Exhibiting knowledge of the Catholic faith and traditions
  • Participating in daily prayer and the liturgical life of our parish


  • Mastering our standards based curriculum
  • Demonstrating creativity and growth
  • Communicating effectively using oral and written expression


  • Serving family, school, parish, and community
  • Protecting and caring for all of God’s creation
  • Responding to the call for social justice